Top Ten Professional Wrestling Shoots

Top Ten Shoots

Top Ten Professional Wrestling ShootsTop Ten Professional Wrestling Shoots



Antonio Inoki vs. The Great Antonio


Andre the Giant versus Akira Maeda


there’s Karl Gotch vs. Lou Thesz, where Gotch breaks Thesz’s ribs countering the German suplex and Thesz then goes all out and taps him with a kimura (happened in Detroit, never seen the match, only heard and read about it)

–Sayama versus Maeda, where Maeda nails Sayama with a low blow and then walks out on the match

–Andre the Giant versus Akira Maeda

–Antonio Inoki versus the Great Antonio (pitiful bullying on Inoki’s part IMO)

Inoki versus Akrum Pelwan

–Fujiwara getting double-crossed by Don Nakaya Nelson

–Masahiko Kimura getting double-crossed by Rikidozan

Steve Williams versus Steve Ray (this match was supposedly a shoot/double cross)

–Daniel Puder versus Kurt Angle

Danno O’Mahony vs. Dick Shikat for the NWA (National Wrestling Association) World Heavyweight Championship on March 2nd, 1936.

Shikat pretty much shot on O’Mahony from the get go. He took him down to the mat within the first minute of the match with a wristlock and kept him there until the end. Shikat applied hold after hold, with O’Mahony getting free by either making it to the ropes or because Shikat released the hold to move to another. Eventually Shikat locked in a vicious hammerlock. The ref asked Danno twice if he wanted to quit, with Danno saying “Yes” both times, but the ref did nothing. I would assume because Danno wasn’t suppose to lose the match. Finally Shikat told the ref that if he didn’t stop it, he was gonna break Danno’s arm, so the ref again asked Danno if wanted to quit, this time loud enough so everyone could hear. Danno apparently cried out, “Yes, he’s killing me! Stop it, I tell you!”. And so Dick Shikat legitimately beat Danno O’Mahony and took his title.

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